November 7th, 2019

Some say that the enjoyment of the short story in modern times is on the decline. For example, the website Classic Short Stories claims the following:

“Fewer and fewer people these days read short stories. This is unfortunate. Few will ever experience the joy that reading such fine work can give” (qtd. November 7th, 2019).

Is the decline in short-story interest due to the changes in technology? Are young people today more interest in Netflix and online shows rather than the more mentally engaging act of reading?

Trends concerning how the public passes time can go up and down. Perhaps in the future, the short story will make a comeback to what it was in the days when Edgar Allan Poe (pictured below) wrote “The Black Cat.” When he published his short story in 1843, it was literally front page reading.

Edgar Allan Poe. Public domain photo.

If you are the exception to the norm are are looking for a couple of reads that will take less than 30 minutes, then visit the pages on this site for “Budget Travel” and “On Being Indistinguishable.” These are two short stories that can be read in your browser.

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