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By: Shane Lambert

I currently have two major projects in the works. Firstly, I’d like to complete a novella that I have called “The Pellet Gun.” It’s the first work of fiction of mine that isn’t written with a first-person narrator. I started it as a short story but I’ve found that the length has gone on.

“The Pellet Gun” is mainly set on Vancouver Island near the town of Chemainus. In this short story, I used a pellet gun to drive a family narrative.

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Conflicts arise since the characters in the story all have different perspectives on the gun. A young boy, like in the picture above, sees the pellet gun as something he has to master and even as just a way to kill time. His grandparents view it as a way to keep their grandchild occupied. Lastly, the boy’s cousins see the pellet gun as a threat: one sees it a the center piece of a competition while another doesn’t want anything to get shot with it — especially cute little rabbits.

Another work of fiction that I’m working on remains untitled. It’s a first-person full-lengthed novel mainly set in Jasper, Alberta about a young man striving to travel the world. It starts with a six-month hotel job in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where he experiences the trials and tribulations of being a resort-town work living in staff accommodation and then it goes from there.

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