Me: Shane Lambert

Before the end of the year, I am planning on publishing a new novel meant for reading on Amazon’s Kindle. The title of the novel will likely be “The Suit in the Backpack.”

Written in the first person, the novel will be a fictionalized account of some personal experience of mine. To get a taste for my fiction writing, please visit the short stories I have published at this site. They are listed below.

Progressive Jackpot

“Progressive Jackpot” tells the story of a frivolous bowling league that sees one minor change ahead of their 1988/89 season. In order for the in-league lottery to be won, the person who has his or her ticket pulled has to bowl a strike or else it carries forward. What problems could that create?

Budget Travel

“Budget Travel” tells the story of a passenger who uses ridesharing to get to Paris from the south of France. Things heat up when the driver turns out to be a total jerk.

On Being Indistinguishable

What is it like to face unwarranted suspicion?

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